About Us

Mission Statement:

To cultivate, promote, sponsor and develop an understanding of Indian music, dance, art, theater, and literature amongst the Indian and American communities by arranging, sponsoring and organizing art shows, music, film, stage performances, lectures, seminars, meetings, exhibitions, radio and television programs, creating an archive of periodicals, books, photographs, film and music records.

About IACAW:

IACAW is the foremost cultural organization serving the Indian community of Westchester for more than a quarter century. Its mission is to promote a greater understanding of the Indian culture, art, music, literature, food and the diversity of people of Indian origin. Since its founding in 1973 by a small group of new immigrants that settled in Westchester County, the Association has advanced the knowledge of Indian culture not only within the County but throughout the tri-state area. Indians as an ethnic group are amongst the most affluent community in America and particularly in Westchester County. Members of the Indian community not only serve the citizens of Westchester County in various professional and entrepreneurial capacities but also generate significant employment opportunities in the county.

IACAW is a registered Non-Profit organization under IRS Section 501 (c)(3).


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